Another way to $ave money

How does ones save money? Instantly, your answer was probably keeping it in a bank or going on a budget, something like that. That’s one correct answer but, another is trees.We have all heard at some point in our lives that money doesn’t grow on trees, now that is true.However, saving trees can save money. No, seriously it’s important to understand that trees are a bigger contributor to are well being more than we could ever know.

Some may think money is made from trees because it’s paper, that is true it is paper but the US paper currency is made from 75% cotton and 25% linen. That material doesn’t come from trees. Crane Currency is used to make the US paper currency, it’s the main supplier of durable, secure, and designed banknotes for central banks worldwide. It is the fastest growing global player in currency and has supplied paper and security services to the US Government since 1879.

So now that we know the truth of what materials is used to make money, let’s go into how it can still save money. According to Businessinsider, Tampa Florida, saved nearly $35 million dollars a year due to lower costs of public health, stormwater management, energy savings, prevention of soil erosions and other services. The Leafy Canopy trees reduced the cost of summer air conditioning bills. Lower rates of asthma and birth defects were a result of trees along with the removal of air pollutants.

3 trees that are known to reduce costs in property value, air quality, electricity, Carbon dioxide, natural gas, and stormwater.


1.Red maple treeimage

2.American beech


3.Tulip Poplar




























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