Q&A with Robert Rothschild assistant

This person wished to not have their picture displayed on here.


I went to the Rancocas Nature Center to interview Staff assistant Robert Rothschild. The Rancocas Nature Center is a non-profit organization that opened in 1977. It provides environmental education programs for all ages on and off site.

  1. Q. How long have you been working at this place?

A. 2 1/2 years starting off as a volunteer at the front desk. He likes the small environment in the workplace and now does it as a job.

2. Q. How do you make learning about the environment a fun experience?

A. Although he is an assistant and works primarily at the desk he says that the programs in this place in general are a hands on experience. It makes the kids want to get engaged with the activities. Kids are allowed to touch the and their habitat. He makes the flyers and helps run the website and social media.

3. Q. Even though this place is for all ages does it appeal to a certain age group the most?

A. A lot of the children’s program cater to pre-school to kindergarten. When people from all ages come it’s normally for school kids.

4. Q. What activities do people often say they enjoy the most out of your educational programs?

A. Summer camps attracts the most attention for those who are interested in nature preservation, it ranges from 1st-7th grade. The programs are free and are popular amongst preschoolers. For adults, hiking on a nature trail is popular, and the majority of adults who enjoy the programs are senior citizens.

5. Q. What inspired you to take this job?

A. He loves art, and he found that working here opened his eyes to learn about animals and nature. He enjoys designing the flyers in order to catch viewers’ attention.

6. Q. Have you or anyone you know ever been affected by environmental damage?

A. His stepbrother’s ex- girlfriend died in a flooding due to a Hurricane while heading to work.

7. Q. Do you have any experience educating people about environment?

A. No, although mostly during the summer camps he will help as an assistant to the naturalist teaching kids about nature the history about the area. They have a section in which they keep papers that contain information about the history of this location from the years 1856-2013 if anyone is interested in finding out.

8. Q. What is the best part about your job?

A. The best part about the job is helping teach in a fun and exciting way about teaching a fun and exciting way about nature to children who are fascinated by nature and it makes the job a lot of fun. He says he hard to get the kids from not wanting to take any bugs home.



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