Palmyra Cove Nature Park

One day this week I had the honor of visiting the Palmyra Nature Cove and it is a non-profit organization established in 1999. Its purpose is to teach those who visit about habitat preservation and environmental education. The learning experiences takes place in and outdoors for all 5 year olds to adults.

naturewall         greencenter1

Environmental STEM center






Since there was no education program or events taken place when I visited there wasn’t a lot of people there.

Inside of the Environmental STEM center held a lot of information about volunteer opportunities and where educational opportunities take place when learning about how to protect the earth.

STEM paperpalmyra cove desk

The Nature Walk– I was able to go outside and stroll on the nature park. The 350 acre Palmyra Cove Nature Park surrounds the shoreline of the Delaware river in the middle of the Pennsauken Creek and Delaware River.

During nature hike programs students hike and learn about seasonal changes in flora and fauna.
cove trail
The most natural part of the park, located a mile south of the Environmental Discovery Center. This is where the hike begins.


After a 2 hour nature walk, students then learn map orientation skills and expand on information on ecosystems.






STEM Center-

Nature equipment drawers
Clean gloves, rubber gloves, and bags & flags. This is the equipment and gear used for when participants go clean beaches.


warming globe
In the Starlab Planetarium- students are educated on popular constellations and stars including the sun the 4 seasons, climate and the environment.




clean award plaque
Clean water award














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