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on the mountain
Pic by Jess Turner

This is a fellow blogger who also has a passion for the environment named Jess Turner, a 22 year old environmentalist from New York. She grew up in her grandmother’s 15 acres of woods. She says that her appreciation for the environment was shaped by her life experiences. From being president of her school’s environmental club to spending long days building a brick walkway through the garden. Her passion as a writer has led her to run a blog and a website both titled, definearth.  She even has an interview that is published in Women in Higher Education Magazine titled, Creating Diversity in STEM: An Interview with Dr. Letitia Thomas.


Jess Turner has worked as a research assistant in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Syracuse University with Dr. Charles Driscoll. She studied the efficiencies of solar cookers and did research at University at Buffalo’s Civil, Structural, and Environmental Engineering Department. Lastly, she tested the samples from the NSF-funded Ice storm Experiment for Dissolved Organic Matter and Dissolved Organic Carbon. Also, she evaluated the samples with the help of Dr. Teng Zeng in the Environmental Organic Chemistry lab.

She started blogging about environmental issues over three years ago. She utilizes blogging as a way to apply things she learned in school to real life. Her blog has morphed into a place to inspire others to take action and educate the public about current environmental issues and interesting scientific ideas. The most challenging part about maintaining her blog is finding a way to write meaningful, engaging posts in a short amount of time.

“Blog posts need to spark thoughts and responses in people, be informative about science, but also be to-the-point and fun to read.”

Her hopes for future for this kind of media-“Through blogging I’ve managed to connect with people all over the world and learn about their perspectives on everything from local ecology to tourism to raising kids in an unorthodox family. There is certainly room for more writers and readers in the blogging community.”

“Reading the comments on my posts and interacting with other bloggers is my favorite part of blogging. My advice to new bloggers is to keep posts to once or twice a week- quality is more important than quantity and definitely comment on other blogs. People will support you if you support them!”

She was always exposed to the outdoors and it remains inspiring her today. Her motivations for being interested in the environment are mentioned in her memoir “All I See is Green” and her “Welcome” page on her website.

She currently conducts research on land-atmosphere interactions at wetlands in Northern Wisconsin as well as land and water management and conservation. “Environmental education seems to be my direction!”

She studied the environment when attending University and she really enjoyed a course she took on sustainability.

“We performed calculations on things like how many electric cars California can support, for example, but we also challenged ourselves to reduce our own footprint each week by taking a shorter shower, walking to class, etc.”

Her advice to those who want to learn about and help the environment-” Start by going to school. You could also teach yourself with books and the web, but the easiest way to get involved is probably going outside and just getting connected.”

Ever since birth, she played a role somehow in nature and she believes we should do what we can to make that a positive one.

She doesn’t have anything specific planned for the future in regards of getting involved with taking care of the environment, but is excited.

“I’m not quite sure what the future holds for me but I’m always looking for new opportunities!”

Check out her blog-definearth

Check out her website- definearth

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