Farewell post

Well this is my first blog ever I’ve ever done and it has been an educational journey. I started this blog because I have a course called Online Journalism and for the semester we had to maintain a blog and post for almost once a week. I had some trouble with this blog in the beginning but hey, your not always going to get it on your first try. I enjoyed going to different places that in someway had something to do with my beat and asking people questions about things I probably wouldn’t find on the website of the place they worked. I want this post to be about my favorite blog posts and if this is blog is going to continue.

Even though I had to do this blog for a college course, that doesn’t mean I didn’t find it to be fun. I’m not going to lie, it was sometimes stressful with having to make sure posts were in on time and other priorities such as other classes and work. I enjoyed how this gave me a chance to talk about something I’m interested in and a chance to be creative about how to inform readers on a specific topic.

I always tried to add somewhat clever and humorous way to explain what is being talked about. Good examples would be, The fight against climate change will literally have us keeping our heads above water and Drain the swamp?!. I like these blogs because they were what I thought were fun ways to educate on rising sea levels in NJ. The one that talks about how keeping our heads above water will be more than a figure of speech and it will be more literal if we don’t take action. This was about the in Sandy Hook and Cape May there was an increase in sea level and how 20 communities in this state could be underwater by the end of the century. In the one about draining the swamp is about how what is just a political term and those who chant it are only talking about political corruption. If only this could refer to the rising sea levels around the world, including NJ.

These other two blogs I enjoyed because it was a connection to my childhood in some sort of way. The first time I had to go out and interview someone I choose to go to the Rancocas Nature Center. Rancocas nature centerThis was the first place I could think of since I remember visiting this place when I was very young in elementary school for a girl scouts field trip. So, it was nice to go back and interview Robert Rothschild because when he was telling me about how he enjoys helping kids get engaged with learning about nature it reminded be of when I had the exact same experience.

The other blog I like is the Is the New Jersey plastic bag ban enough?, I enjoyed this one because this post is about how instead of using plastic bags to hold in our purchased items, we use canvas bags. I remember one time when I was in middle school my teacher assigned the class to create a utopian society. My society was called Recycleania and in this project I talk about how my society is a democratic government with environmentally based laws. There is a part in this assignment where I talk about the stores selling environmentally friendly cups and plates and how the bag customers put their items in must be canvas bags. Learning that this was already done in California and Hawaii and the discussion of the same or similar happening in this state I couldn’t help but feel quite shocked that my young self was ahead of the times looking back.

The last post I enjoyed was coincidentally the one about the visit at the Watershed Institute. watershed instituteIn this particular blog I talk about how this place was the best fit for a final assignment, it captured everything I talked about in this entire blog and similar to how I talked about my content into this one place. It was also true to its nature and how its creation is environmentally based.Winston Churchill quote.JPG


Now, even though this is titled my farewell post I honestly am not sure if this is the end. I will be busy doing other things to where I may not so much time for blogging. Also, there is more to talk about other than what is going on in New Jersey. Maybe I’ll branch out and expand into other locations and I know there is so much things to talk about in regards of the environment. This is at least goodbye for now and a thank you to all of those who have liked, commented, followed, and even shared my posts its all very much appreciated.



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